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Guided Hikes

July 13, 2016

We have bi-weekley scheduled hikes with Certified Ontario Hike Leader Jeff Campbell. We were fortunate enough to hike the Webster’s Falls trail just recently as it has now been closed to the public. It was a challenging hike with huge parts of the trail completely eroded away.  The kids all loved it of course and we stopped a few times to let them explore some steep hills and rocky areas. We ended our hike at the bottom of the falls where Heidi in typical fashion demanded to get naked so she could swim “in my pool”. 

Raising Wildlings Cambridge Forest School Guided Hikes-19


Jeff and his spotter were both so helpful and patient with all the kids, showing them how to catch crayfish with sticks, keep mosquitoes away and getting ideas for the next time we’re out. We’ve got plans to learn about finding and filtering water, shelters in the wild, starting fires and so much more! If you’re in the Hamilton/Cambridge area please join us next time!

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