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October 7, 2016

There’s never a shortage of amazing places and programs to take our children to. GRCA’s nature programs are available to all and often get booked for school field trips, scout trips and of course homeschoolers. Our local group of homeschoolers is amazing and the parents are so active in the community arranging and organizing a huge variety of field trips on a regular basis. Alicia arranged this (6? or 8?) week program for us and naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to get my wildings outside some more (thanks Alicia!)

Week 1 started with a Water Study!

Heidi was the youngest of the group and the oldest I believe was 11. I love when little ones get to participate in group activities with older kids. There’s so much valuable learning happening and it benefits both the littles and the older kids in very different ways.


We hiked to the creek, unloaded the gear and watched the kids dive (some more than others!) into the creek. The gallery at the top of this post has more photos from our time today. They found creatures big and small asked questions, worked together, got wet, climbed trees and no one hiked back in clean clothes.

The interpreter that facilitated our program seemed a bit surprised by our group so I explained that we’re homeschoolers and we do things a bit differently. We let the kids explore with all their senses, let them lead the way, get messy and yes, climb the trees 😉


When we first arrived at the nature centre we saw the most magical looking mushrooms! Soft and fragile, sparkling in the sun as if a fairy had dumped glitter on them. I have no idea what they are but they were so beautiful! When we returned (about 2.5 hrs later) they were dead. Black, wilted and some had completely dried out. Can anyone let us know what these are?



Next week is bug catching in the meadow and we’re so excited!


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